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NextDeavor is a recruiting agency helping companies make more strategic hiring decisions.

Using AI technology

to make the recruiting process more human

AI speeds up, refines, and expands our initial search. This frees our recruiters to focus on what humans do best: Relationship building.

These meaningful relationships ensure the candidates we present are genuinely great fits for your position and company culture — and are in this for the long haul.

As a result, our clients never waste their time interviewing lackluster or lukewarm candidates, and can advance toward their goals faster

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Professional Recruiting

Trying to fill a difficult position in tech, engineering, marketing, finance, or HR? Explore our white-glove professional recruiting services to take this off your plate.

Executive Search

Looking for a visionary to lead your team to its next level? Explore our innovative approach to sourcing amazing executives in the fast-moving talent marketplace.

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“We were able to have an organic conversation right away. I felt like it was a mutual partnership…”

“In our first meeting, NextDeavor came in with all these insights about the Bay Area, our role, and the demographic — it was so detailed. I was impressed that they had new knowledge to bring to me rather than just firing questions at me. We were able to have an organic conversation right away. I felt like it was a mutual partnership versus me just telling them what to do.

Their communication and the high-touch process have also stood out. I’m not chasing NextDeavor down. If a candidate drops out, or if a candidate has competing offers, they’re very communicative, without being pushy at all.

I appreciate NextDeavor’s knowledge. I appreciate their research. I appreciate the white glove service that they provided, being attentive, following up, and holding themselves accountable. NextDeavor is a company I can trust.”

Tiffany Rabara

Talent Acquisition Lead - Crunchyroll

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After years of experience as on-the-ground recruiters for well-known recruiting firms, we realized that the industry had become slow and transactional.

People were being treated like resumes and teams like job descriptions. What was missing was a more conscious approach to recruiting: An approach that considered the whole person and the whole company as two complex beings in need of sophisticated matchmaking.

At NextDeavor, we accomplish this by leveraging AI to find better candidates in our initial search and hiring “super recruiters” who are hand-picked for their instincts and extensive market experience.

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