A Conscious Approach to Recruitment

We are advocates for our candidates and clients to be able to live healthier and more fruitful lives.

At NextDeavor, our purpose is to connect people to workplaces, positions, and teams where they will thrive and uplift those around them.

What We Stand For

Trust and

The success of our clients and candidates depends on the strength of our relationships, so mutual trust is crucial.


Our client and candidate experience are personal, never transactional, because our work is fundamentally about people.


We’re invested in our clients’ and candidates’ long-term success, so we offer guidance and insights beyond the placement.

Innovation and

We started as an AI product company, and today we embrace technology to keep us — and our clients — ahead of the curve.


We respect your confidentiality and the need to protect proprietary information with high-tech security.


Discrimination in any form doesn’t belong anywhere, especially with us. We’re fierce advocates for equal opportunity. 

Meet our core team

of super-recruiters

The NextDeavor story:

from matchmaking recruiting software to an innovative recruiting firm

We founded NextDeavor as a tech start-up in the recruiting industry.

It started when, after years working as on-the-ground recruiters, we grew frustrated with how the industry had become slow and transactional. People were being treated like resumes and teams like job descriptions.

What was missing was a more conscious approach to recruiting: An approach that considered the whole person and the whole company as two complex beings in need of sophisticated matchmaking.

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