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Our job isn’t done at the candidate presentation we help ensure your offer is accepted & the candidate thrives during their first year.

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Beyond our initial search

we support you through closing ideal candidates

We don’t see the value in just delivering a list of candidates and then abandoning you to finish the job.

Instead, our white-glove service extends through the crucial offer stage, helping both candidates and companies get what they need and feel like they made the right decision.

Ultimately, this feeling of security sets up your team to thrive in the coming years.

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Our Innovative Process

AI-powered search + strategic market research +
competitive positioning

Intake Meeting

Our team meets with you to determine what your goals for your open position are and get a feel for the culture of your company

Market insights presentation

We create a detailed breakdown of the talent market for your open position, including suggestions for improving your job description to stand out from the competition.

AI-powered initial search

Our AI tech gets to work, identifying, reaching out to, and following up with candidates. It’s faster and more extensive than manual searches to boost the chances of securing a perfect candidate.

Conversations with candidates

Your recruiter has honest conversations with our short-list of candidates to pinpoint who the best matches are and weed out poor culture fits, tire kickers, or those who lack proven skills.

Candidate presentation

We advocate for our top choices to show you why we believe they will be great additions to your team beyond what you see on their resume.

Closing & post-placement support

As the top candidates go through your interview and hiring process, we’re there to get in front of anything that could jeopardize placement — like another offer on the table.

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Let’s Take Recruitment Off Your Plate

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After years of experience as on-the-ground recruiters for well-known recruiting firms, we realized that the industry had become slow and transactional.

People were being treated like resumes and teams like job descriptions. What was missing was a more conscious approach to recruiting: An approach that considered the whole person and the whole company as two complex beings in need of sophisticated matchmaking.

At NextDeavor, we accomplish this by leveraging AI to find better candidates in our initial search and hiring “super recruiters” who are hand-picked for their instincts and extensive market experience.

We only accept reqs we’re confident we can fill — see if your open position is a fit.

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